June 9, 2023

Brooklyn, New York

Our CFP is now open through April 15. Tickets will go on sale soon.

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A one day, single-track Elixir conference in New York City 🗽

The premier regional Elixir conference is back in our beloved New York home after a 4 year hiatus. For this year's conference, we're taking a trip across the East River and hosting in Brooklyn for the first time.

EMPEX NYC is a one day, single track programming conference in Brooklyn, New York, dedicated to the Elixir programming language and ecosystem. We bring together excellent technical content in an intimate venue, elevating the typical conference experience.

Brought to you by the same team that has previously hosted

Speakers & Schedule

Currently accepting CFP submissions

We're currently on the look out for speakers for our conference. Our CFP is open until April 15 at 11.59pm ET.

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Need some topic inspiration? Here are some ideas:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on the BEAM, including integrations of libraries such as Nx, Axon, Bumblebee, and evision
Designing, operating, and deploying distributed systems
Real-world production stories using BEAM technologies
Creative or innovative uses of Elixir (e.g. music composition, embedded devices, art generation)
Growth and adoption of BEAM languages, and their impact on the greater developer community
Innovations in the functional programming world beyond the BEAM
The exterior of Littlefield, NY
Venue & Location

Littlefield, Brooklyn

Littlefield is a performing arts space in a former warehouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn. It serves as the perfect, intimate venue for our latest EMPEX NYC conference, conveniently located near the Union St R train.


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We're currently looking for sponsors for the conference. We have multiple tiers of sponsorships available to suit all budgets.